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Ann Christine Korsgaard

MSc (Pharm.) linkedIn

Profile: Senior executive with a global strategic mindset at portfolio level. International regulatory execution and strategy across all phases of development. Collaboration in diverse partnerships and with stakeholders. Senior Manager and Project Lead

I believe in taking accountability individually and as teams at the same time. This will deliver success. When I worked at UCB in Belgium I learned about a book called the OZ Principle. This book says it all and explained how my attitude was behind the reason for the biggest successes in my career. It is all about taking accountability for the success you want in life – individually and together. If you want something to happen….DO something about it.

Ulla Jessen

MSc (Biol.) linkedIn

Profile: Life science professional and executive with extensive experience from biotech and pharma. Broad insight in drug development, project management methodology, scientific and regulatory medical writing and communication, clinical trial disclosure, and processes for efficient execution. Experienced leader, proven achiever

Nothing beats the feeling of exceeding yourself. What I like, is to take on challenges and achieve my purpose – and preferably do it together with other high performing, dedicated, and cheerful team players. By starting my own company – Biotrack- with Ann Christine I am capturing the essence of this.

When I sat out to climb my first peak back in the nineties I didn’t know that 8 hours later I would experience a defining moment. When I reached the top of that mountain it all came together and I understood that what really drives me is the ability to deliver, prove my strength and achieve my goal. This is not only true for my professional life but is most certainly mirrored in my passion for sports with a preference for extreme disciplines. I have earned the black belt in karate (many many years ago!), I have completed 3 marathon runs and climbed several mountains including the highest mountain in Europe, Mt Elbrus in Caucasia and a previously unclimbed peak (5710 m) in Himalaya. I have completed a 24 hr race in mountain biking and several 12 hr races. In the summertime I enjoy kayaking. Naturally my family is important to me being the proud mom of a daughter.


We are your partner and will plug into your company to bridge the gaps and ensure progress towards your next key milestone. We are great believers of accountability and want to make sure you see the value we bring by our deliverables. We will join your team and glue things together by reaching out to whom may be needed to fulfil the tasks.

History and core purpose

Back in 2006 we met in the ambitious biotech company Genmab and immediately recognised each other’s commitment, talent, and devotion. By starting up our own company, Biotrack, in 2016 we will enjoy working together again and leverage our biotech mindset and attitude to the benefit of the companies we work with.

Our purpose is to make biotech champions of navigating the regulatory maze
At Biotrack, we are deeply devoted to help biotech companies fulfil their promise to patients, boards, and investors. This is why we get up in the morning and why we keep on going. To help you keep your promise.

Price List

Our pricing structure is based on standard hourly rates for the type of service, complexity of the documents and the skills and expertise required.

Regulatory Affairs EUR 190 – 250
Sparring 1:1 EUR 470
Sparring (5 sessions) EUR 2150
Medical Writing EUR 162
Project Management EUR 190

Our fees are indicative standard fees. Discount structures are provided to preferred clients depending on either volume orders or established relationship. Final prices are quoted ex VAT and ex transportation.